Helping You Grow Professionally

MFPE provides many resources to help you continue growing professionally so that you can do your job better and with greater satisfaction. Many people mistakenly believe that good leaders are born, not made. In reality, almost anyone can learn to command a room and motivate a team, given the proper training. Even naturally gifted leaders always have room to improve.

Our regional training sessions lay the groundwork for success and are open and free to all members. These sessions provide leadership development training on a variety of union and professional issues such as bargaining and grievance processing, job descriptions and evaluations, pay equity, good labor-management relations, and communicating effectively with your community members.

Maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your staff. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn valuable skills that will empower you to be better, work harder, and serve more.

Regardless of your industry or expertise, one thing remains constant: people power your business. MFPE’s regional trainings help its members become all they can be both professionally and personally.

Our regional trainings are just part of MFPE’s professional development offerings. Learn more about our educator’s annual conference and K-12 support designed to support our education members.

Kalispell - May 11, 2019

Great Falls - October 5, 2019