If WE don’t stand up for quality public education and public services…WHO WILL?

For less than the cost of a coffee & donut each month, you can help build a brighter Montana future!

Whether you work for the State of Montana, a public school or university, city, or county government, health care facility, or are retired, politicians affect every aspect of your daily life.

Their decisions affect your ability to do a good job for the Montana people you serve. They affect your salary, working conditions, medical coverage, retirement, and our future.

Some politicians get it. Some politicians know that public education and public services make Montana and America strong -some don’t. Some respect you and the important work you do -and some don’t.

Some ballot initiatives promote quality schools and public services -and some threaten our very existence.

We need to elect people who care about public education, public services, and public employees. We need to maintain our voice in ballot issues that affect our members and the people they serve.

Together with 25,000 MFPE members across the state pitching in, WE can make a difference.

MFPE’s Political Action Committee (PAC) interviews candidates to find out which ones support our members and the important work they do. MFPE PAC helps these good people get elected.

Our national affiliates, NEA and AFT* do the same on the national level.